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Powered Subwoofers

Premier Acoustic PA-120 Titanium

Click image to view a larger version.

Model #: PA-120 SUB
Price: $599.00 MSRP

Audiophile Audition:

The Premier Acoustic Speaker System is reviewed as breathtaking, no make that stunning! The review states, "The testing results were so spectacular. They reproduced with the kind of depth and velvety texture that goes beyond even the live concert experience." On the multichannel SACDs the sound field in which I was immersed was seamless in all 360 degrees. More than any Home Theater surround setups I have ever heard in stores.
Click here to read the entire review!

Home Theater Forum Review:

The Premier Acoustic Speaker System is reviewed and given a "Highly Recommended" ranking. The review states, "It didn't matter what I threw at them......In many cases I could swear that I was hearing additional bits of music and dialogue that I hadn't heard before." Click here to read the entire review!

Home Theater Focus Review:

"Premiere Acoustic paid attention to the details!"
"When I closed my eyes, I was immersed in sound and could hear the crowds cheering all around me."
"I was pleasantly surprised on the overall clarity and build."
'This system compares in quality and build to other systems costing twice as much." Click here to read the entire review!

Powered Subwoofers are designed to bring out the low end bass response found in DVD movies or music. Huge explosions, dinosaurs walking or just bass guitar and drums, the PA-120 SUB is designed to reproduce these sounds perfectly. The alignment of a large 12" polygraphite woofer, Bottom port design and a built in 650 watt amp makes this sub fill any room with powerful clear bass. We have given you even more control over the way you tune your subwoofer. An adjustable crossover to custom set the frequency response, a volume control to set the output and an auto on/off switch to power on the PA- 120 SUB as soon as that bass hits your sound track. All these features make the PA-120 Sub one of the strongest powered subwoofers on the market today.
It is available in two stunning colors black or cherry.


12" Active Subwoofer

Sensitivity: 85DB 1 Watt 1 Meter

Ohms: :8 Ohms

Frequency Responses: 24HZ-180HZ

Wattage: 200 (rms) - 650 Watts(peak power)

Product Size: 18.7" x 14.3" x 17.1" (H X W X D )

Shipping Size: 21.7" x 22.7: x 17.7" (H X W X D )

Weight: 60 pounds each

Warranty: 5 Year Warranty On Woofer, 2 Year On Amplifier

Color: Cherry or Black

Reviews of the Premier Acoustic PA-120 Titanium:

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